The RGS industrial vacuum cleaners are designed for the needs of many industries, including the aerospace industry.

The various models with electric motors or compressed air motors, in stainless steel or painted, are suitable for cleaning the inside of aircrafts as well as engines and fuel tanks during maintenance.

For this last use, RGS has designed a kit that allows sucking up scraps mixed with oil, and then separating them so that the oil part can be recovered.

RGS has designed a range of vacuum cleaners specifically for the purpose of vacuuming large amounts of oil, called the “OIL” series.

Each machine also comes in an ATEX version (certified for zones 1, 2, 21, 22) for operating in potentially explosive environments.

A centralised vacuum system can also be used during the construction of aircrafts, allowing different areas of the plant to be cleaned and the vacuumed materials to be conveyed to one point.



The RGS Vacuum Systems for the food industry are designed for dosing control, cleaning, hygiene and for protecting the properties of food.

The nature of the food is very important because it can often be flammable and explosive (as in the case of flour, cereals and sugar), therefore it becomes necessary to purchase machines and equipment certified by ATEX to work in potentially explosive areas. These types of machines are supplied by RGS.

Several years of studies and collaborating with industry experts has enabled RGS to offer the most diverse alternatives in industrial vacuum cleaners and pneumatic conveyors.

Industrial vacuum cleaners with single-phase motor, three-phase motor, compressed air motor and battery-operated motor can be used to clean the entire factory, but can also be a fundamental tool for the final disposal of waste and for preventing the risk of residuals being reintroduced into the production cycle.

Pneumatic conveyor systems are instead a valuable tool for the loading of food powders or granules onto packaging or mixing machines.

The use of the latter, made with materials suitable for contact with food (AISI 304 or AISI 316), allows greatly reducing costs, production times and labour. In fact, these systems can generate an increase in productivity and a saving of costs for the company.

For ATEX classified environments, we have a wide range of ATEX-certified vacuum cleaners and systems for use in zones 2, 21, and 22.

Practical, lightweight, easy to handle and effective, our ONE vacuum cleaners are ideal for use in bakeries to effectively and efficiently clean ovens, thanks to special accessories and various types of pipes manufactured by us.


The RGS vacuum cleaners find their ideal application in the building industry or in any construction site or anywhere construction materials are produced because there is always the presence of large amounts of dust and debris.

For this reason, the use of a single-phase or three-phase RGS vacuum cleaner with a power of up to 20 Kw can transform a dusty environment into a clean environment not harmful to the respiratory tract, thereby reducing maintenance caused by wear.

Our single-phase or three-phase vacuum cleaners also become an essential tool in the area of floor treatments to operate alongside dry sanding machines and cutting machines.

Many cement plants have adopted our vacuum cleaners as a suction unit, connecting it to a network of pipes to form a centralised system where the vacuumed material can be recovered in one place. This allows cleaning the entire working environment in a short time, reducing the time dedicated to cleaning.

RGS also manufactures pneumatic conveyor systems that have the task of transporting the material (e.g. cement or any other powdery or granular material), from one point of the facility to another.



For many years, the RGS products have been used in the ceramic industry.

The following products manufactured by us are used in this industry:

Industrial vacuum cleaners whose robustness, power and storage capacity makes them a very powerful cleaning weapon, ensuring maximum effectiveness in the continuous recovery of large amounts of dust and debris, as well as ink residues from digital printing machines.

Centralised systems made according to the specific requirements, consisting of individual suction units or multiple suction units, self-cleaning sleeve or cartridge filters, separators and unloading containers for vacuuming multiple points simultaneously. This reduces the time spent on cleaning machines, conveyor belts and floors, and allows channelling the vacuumed product to a single point.

Pneumatic conveyors used for the loading of the frit, oxides or other tile decorating products; they also allow an almost perfect dosing of the materials transported with the help of special sensors and accessories produced by us.

Chimney sweeper

RGS is still one of the few companies that design products specifically for fireplaces and chimneys.

Studies on the characteristics of this type of work led to the creation of an extremely compact industrial vacuum cleaner with high performance and the ability to effectively collect ash and combustion residues.

Equipped with a standard high-efficiency “M-class” filter, accessory kit for the vacuuming of chimneys and a bagging kit that allows vacuuming the product inside a bag so that no dust is produced when emptying the container, it is perfect for the type of work that needs to be performed in this industry.

Also in this case, each operator can choose the accessories that best meet their daily needs.



The problem of cleaning workplaces has become increasingly important, therefore it is essential to use powerful, high-performance vacuum cleaners to clean work areas.

Of course, every condition and every environment has different requirements, so there is often the need to use special vacuum cleaners or machines whose basic features can be integrated with optional extras or accessories designed specifically to address the specific needs.

The RGS range is able to meet any general cleaning need: there are single-phase models with different power levels, models with three-phase motors suitable for heavier and continuous use, and battery-operated vacuum cleaners, when the power cord is an obstacle.

This is why the RGS vacuum cleaners are much appreciated by cleaning companies, hotels, stores, restaurants, shopping centres where cleanliness is an important aspect for attracting customers.



The world of electronics requires precision machining, so our aim is to ensure that all the dust is vacuumed without leaving any residues in the circuits, on the work benches and on work clothes.

RGS also manages to distinguish itself in this field by offering a wide range of accessories in various shapes and materials.

In fact, our industrial vacuum cleaners are able to remove every bit of dust, thus allowing operators to work efficiently, maintaining the electrical circuits clean and avoiding wastage of time.

Electronic technicians recognise the value of our compact and high-performance vacuum cleaners and centralised suction systems.



RGS Vacuum System greatly focuses on this ever-developing industry.

Industrial vacuum cleaners are suitable for cleaning incinerators and furnaces. For this specific purpose, they must be able to operate for long periods of time and to collect large quantities of ash or very fine dust, even if very hot.

For these applications, we recommend the use of two units: the pre-separator where most of the vacuumed material settles (available with different unloading options) and the suction unit with high efficiency filters, where only the more volatile dust particles arrive.

The benefits of proper cleaning are evident in terms of the quality of the daily working life and final productivity, and also in terms of savings.



Glass-working factories generally have to cope with large quantities of waste which is generally very abrasive and of different sizes.

Our powerful and robust vacuum cleaners are ideal for using in the various phases of the glass production process, for example, to vacuum glass residues from the production lines, glass powder and silica, cleaning of furnaces and conveyor belts.

The substances to be vacuumed may sometimes be toxic, therefore it may be necessary to use optional extras such as H14 filters or specific kits that never allow the operator to come into contact with the vacuumed product (Longopac kit).

If large quantities need to be vacuumed, which then have to be conveyed to a single point, RGS can design pneumatic conveyor systems and centralised systems according to the specific requests of customers.


Metal Working

RGS sees the mechanical engineering industry as one of the industries where its industrial vacuum cleaners find their fullest application. In addition to guaranteeing a clean environment and effective cleaning of CNC machines, it also ensures maximum protection of workers’ health.

The wide range of machines include “OIL” models designed specifically to suck up machining scraps mixed with lubricants and cooling liquids. These vacuum cleaners are capable of collecting and separating metal residues from emulsions, which can then be recovered and reintroduced into the tanks of the CNC machines, thus allowing complete recirculation and cost savings.

If multiple suction points are required and if a very large amount of product needs to be vacuumed, RGS offers the possibility to design and install centralised vacuum systems.



The range of RGS vacuum cleaners are ideal for use in the naval industry during the production of hulls and their cleaning during and after navigation.

In the construction phase of the hulls, the RGS vacuum cleaners (or centralised systems) can be used to vacuum fibreglass dust or other types of dust during the finishing or treatment of the surfaces.

Since standard voltage machines cannot be used on ships to collect water and dust, we can supply battery-operated, low voltage or compressed air vacuum cleaners.

Instead, to collect water or other liquids from the engine area of ferries and small boats at the end of navigation, vacuum cleaners from the “OIL” range can be used, which in addition to collecting and unloading the liquids onto the surface, can also filter solid waste.



RGS has always worked alongside industrial machine constructors, especially in the food industry, offering solutions for the suction and unloading of products that help to increase the quality and productivity of packaging machines.

We have a wide range of industrial vacuum cleaners designed specifically to support the production machines for the entire duration of the production process, thus eliminating downtime and drastically reducing cleaning times.

RGS can provide standard or custom solutions with both fixed and mobile vacuum cleaners and different types of filtration, made of different materials and able to operate 24 hours a day.

Our technical department is able to design suction inlets and nozzles necessary to remove excess dust in the most suitable point, for example, on sealing bars before closing the package.

RGS is also able to supply pneumatic conveyor systems for loading of the product, customising a wide range of suction units, loading hoppers and collection points to complete the production process.



RGS has created pneumatic conveyors designed to transfer filtered products in wineries, olive-oil mills and distilleries.

The specific models for the wine industry are available in single-phase and three-phase versions:

The single phase version is particularly suitable for small vacuum filters and flooding filters for wine clarification.

The three-phase version is suitable for loading multiple vacuum filters.

The product can be sucked up manually by means of a probe tube inserted in the bag, or can be combined with an automatic big-bag emptying/filling system of up to 1,300 kg, as well as weighing systems with loading cells produced by us.

Another excellent option are the RGS vacuum cleaners for dust or liquids, which can be used for the general cleaning of factories and wineries, but also to operate alongside wine bottling or packaging machines.

They ensure impeccable cleaning, enhancing the quality of the final product.



In this industry, the combination of a packaging machine with an industrial vacuum cleaner is fundamental for removing scraps and dust, eliminating the risk of product contamination, which is very important especially when packaging food.

RGS can provide standard or custom solutions with fixed or portable vacuum cleaners and different types of filtration, made of different materials and able to operate 24 hours a day.

Our technical department is able to design suction inlets and nozzles necessary to remove excess dust in the most suitable point, for example, on sealing bars before closing the package.

RGS also offers pneumatic conveyor systems that are ideal for loading granules and powders on packaging machines, bagging machines and packaging lines. A wide range of loading hoppers of various capacities is available for this purpose, all made in stainless steel, and able to be combined with suction units of various powers according to the needs of the factory.



Operators in this industry spend many hours a day in contact with very fine paint dust, often toxic, which is harmful for the organism and extremely hazardous to health.

With RGS, this very fine dust can be vacuumed using the wide range of vacuum cleaners offered to customers, who can opt for a product made entirely of steel or painted, with specific high-efficiency filters, and the use of H14 HEPA filters with an efficiency of 99.995% according to EN 1822 as well as special kits that never allow operators to come into contact with this harmful dust.

RGS has also created pneumatic conveyor systems for transporting powders into mixers from which will be produced paint. These systems are made up of suction units with different power levels, combined with a wide range of hoppers, and can be coupled to big-bag collection systems.



The RGS vacuum cleaners from the FOOD & PHARMA range are suitable for using in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The complete set of filters for different filtering categories and the possibility of stainless steel versions allow vacuuming powdery materials with the possibility of recovery and reuse, since the parts in contact with the product are FDA certified and comply with the EC 1935/2004 Regulation.

This industry particularly values the wide range of accessories and customisations we supply for our industrial vacuum cleaners, which makes them suitable for any type of job in this industry.

In this type of environment, our systems ensure total hygiene, no contamination of the final products and protection of workers’ health.

RGS also produces pneumatic conveyor systems specifically for the pharmaceutical industry, made entirely in AISI 316L stainless steel with mechanical polishing treatment with roughness up to 0.02 Ra, ideal for any type of single-component powder (suitable for food compressing machines, bagging machines, capping machines and blister sealing machines) or to transport light products (capsules).



RGS works closely with companies operating in the plastic industry to offer industrial vacuum cleaners capable of maintaining the required production speed and of working continuously, always guaranteeing maximum cleaning of the machines and working environments.

These vacuum cleaners can be used for general cleaning of the workplace, for cleaning production machines or as suction units in a centralised system.

We also offer a wide range of accessories in various materials and sizes that make these machines highly customisable and adaptable to the needs of each customer.

Our pneumatic conveyor systems are very popular and suitable for transferring granular and powdery products. They are able to feed extruders, packaging machines, presses, injection printers, etc.; thus reducing production costs.



RGS has developed vacuum cleaners suitable for applications in the sandblasting industry.

In this industry, at the end of the work, sanding residuals need to be removed. Given the large amounts to be vacuumed and the high specific weight, powerful vacuum cleaners are needed which can also be used as a suction unit in a centralised system, equipped with numerous accessories that can be built entirely or partially in stainless steel.

In the event of large quantities of product, pneumatic conveyor systems can be used to transfer this product from one point to another, unloading the sand into special containers for reuse.


RGS has been operating in the steel industry for many years and during this time has gained a lot of experience that has enabled the company to understand the basic needs of customers.

In fact, the metalworking industry produces a lot of scrap that, if not removed for a long period of time, can be an obstacle for operators and lead to equipment failure and machine downtime for cleaning, thus reducing productivity.

To prevent these situations, RGS offers industrial vacuum cleaners with high capacities and power levels of up to 20 Kw that can also collect heavy dust quickly and work continuously, thus keeping the area clean and ensuring correct running of the production process.

All the vacuum cleaners are highly customisable, and come with separators of 100 to 600 litres. They also come supplied with specific kits such as filters able to withstand high temperatures, thus suitable to collects hot scraps and swarf.

If large amounts of scrap need to be vacuumed, or if the machines to be cleaned have parts that are difficult to reach with a simple vacuum cleaner, a centralised system can be installed with various suction outlets.

For this purpose, the suction unit can also be a three-phase vacuum cleaner.


RGS offers a wide range of industrial vacuum cleaners designed specifically for the textile industry.

The “AS” models are in fact designed to collect swarf, cuttings and down produced during the work cycles of thread and fabrics, recovering the product inside special filtering sacks and compacting it to reduce the space occupied.

RGS also proposes three-phase pneumatic conveyor systems and centralised systems with multiple suction points, ideal for transferring waste and cuttings from the processing lines directly into containers for recovery and disposal.

A wide range of loading hoppers of various capacities is available, all made in stainless steel, and equipped with integrated exhaust to facilitate the descent of the product. They can also be combined to suction units of different power levels according to the requirements of the factory.



Maintenance of boilers, even large ones, and cleaning of environments are no longer a problem thanks to RGS industrial vacuum cleaners.

Single-phase and three-phase vacuum cleaners are recommended for these applications, which can be used with specific accessories such as special containers for the collection of large amounts of materials and pipes able to isolate and withstand high temperatures.



RGS Vacuum Systems manufactures pneumatic conveyor systems for the tobacco industry, in accordance with the specific needs of the industry.

The loading hoppers are combined with three-phase suction units of different power levels, storage silos and big-bag collection systems.

Already installed in some cigarette factories, the RGS pneumatic conveyors do not operate in the same way as traditional systems (conveyor belts, screw conveyors, etc.) because they take advantage of the suction principle to transport products from one point of the factory to the other.

Their compact size allows them to be placed in different positions based on the operational needs.

RGS never loses sight of the hygiene factor: the product that is being moved only comes into contact with suitable and certified materials.

The RGS industrial vacuum cleaners and centralised systems made in accordance with the ATEX standards are used in many cases to clean machinery and work areas for the removal of residuals from tobacco processing operations.


The RGS industrial vacuum cleaners are also suitable for using in the transport industry. In fact, many models have been installed in carwashes, where the service is used to clean cars in an accurate manner.

The RGS single-phase vacuum cleaners are ideal tools: small yet powerful, suitable to collect small quantities of materials and for non-continuous use.

They guarantee fast and effective cleaning thanks to the wide range of compact accessories that allow vacuuming every part of a car.

The three-phase vacuum cleaners, instead, are recommended for cleaning buses, trains and trams where the lengths of the suction tubes and usage time require more power and prolonged use.

The more powerful three-phase models can also be used in the manufacturing of transport vehicles. In fact, centralised systems with multiple suction nozzles can be created for the filling phases, which allow simultaneously working on multiple surfaces without producing dust.



RGS Vacuum Systems has extensively studied the characteristics of this industry in order to ensure maximum efficiency of its products.

Therefore, we know how important it is to work in a clean, dust-free environment and also how important it is to recycle wood and waste materials generated by industrial machining processes.

For this purpose, we offer products able to guarantee effective cleaning and recovery of waste materials coming from industrial machining processes and woodworking operations.

In fact, our vacuum cleaners allow effectively cleaning work clothes, workstations and machinery, even in the most difficult to reach spaces, thanks to an extensive range of accessories and customisations that make our machines ideal for this industry.

Brushes with bristles made of different materials are also available to clean the finished products, thus avoiding the risk of any surface scratches or marks.

Waste materials from woodworking and wood-processing operations can also be recovered thanks to our centralised system with variable number of suction points, which can also be connected to a three-phase vacuum cleaner, even in ATEX version in case of classified areas.

There are also numerous types of filters and optional extras specifically for operations involving toxic wood dust.